– Thom & Silje –

I was so incredibly happy when Thom and Silje asked me to photograph their Oslo wedding for a couple of reasons… 1) They are such an awesome couple and their wedding sounded like it was going to be A-MAZING and 2) I bloody LOVE Scandinavia.

So lets talk about the wedding. First of all they got married in a pub. You think that’s unusual in the UK but in Norway that’s absolutely crazy. The best thing about getting married in a pub in Norway? You can have booze during the ceremony! Something which is totally not allowed in any venue in the UK certified for weddings whilst the wedding is happening.

Their reception venue was awesome. It’s normally a salsa venue if you can believe that? It’s so so pretty and Thom & Silje (and friends!) did a ridiculous job of decorating it. The theme for the evening part of the wedding was wait for it….. PRAWN PARTY. Basically they timed their wedding around the Norwegian prawn season so that they could have this as their wedding food. They had hilarious personalised bibs for every guest, you popped them on and then got stuck in designing and making your very own open sandwich. There were piles and piles of prawns and every guest got totally stuck in. YUM.

These guys totally nailed it and I’m so glad they had me there on the day snapping away. Make sure you get to the bottom to see the pictures of actual snow on their wedding day! The dream for any wedding photographer. <3